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We will make fundraising easy

We at Goodwill ry are building the future of fundraising by developing a digital platform which will make it easier to donate money to a charity of your choice. Our platform Lahjoittamo gathers different kinds of social and healthcare organizations under the same roof and makes it effortless for donors to find donation targets which are closest to their hearts. For us it is important that our service is safe , user friendly, and reliable.

Our Story

Goodwill ry was founded in 2017 to support new social innovations. Our proudest achievements are the application “Friendship” and the new fundraising service “Lahjoittamo”. Friendship application was developed all the way to the prototype during 2017-2018. Unique application collects together similar minded people and helps to find new friends near to your area. One of the biggest goals of the Friendship app was also to prevent loneliness and isolation. Prototype was tested in The University of Jyväskylä and the application prototype received great feedback.

Our newest project Lahjoittamo was one of the winners of STEA’s ideation competition and got awarded by three year funding. Project started in 2019 and the launch of a new fundraising application Lahjoittamo was in spring 2021. Lahjoittamo was born out of actual need to help small social and healthcare organizations in Finland. Our mission is to give aid to those organizations so they can do fundraising more effectively and work towards better tomorrow with their clients who are in a dire need of help. Lahjoittamo makes donating money easy and accessible for everyone.

Goodwill ry is a non profit organization and we’ve gotten a lot of help and feedback from amazing professionals during our journey. Companies like GoFore, Into-Digital and Vincit have helped us with the design and technical implementation of Lahjoittamo. We’ve also received pro bono support from different experts and gotten help from three biggest University of applied sciences in the Uusimaa region. We believe that working together in close collaboration with companies, schools and experts will help us to build better products which truly make a difference.

Contact Us

Otso Saarikoski, palvelumuotoilija
Otso Saarikoski
Project Manager / Service Designer

+358 44 743 3170
Tuomo Salovuori, projektipäällikkö
Tuomo Salovuori
Chairman of the Board

+358 44 231 4456
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